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A Message from Parent to Parent: DDA Exception To The Rule

Hi Families,

I know that this is a stressful time of year as we approach school and there are more questions than answers.  I want to share some options with you for caregiving through DDA.  Kristina Rasmussen has been so gracious as to send information to us about accessing more caregiving hours for those signed up for DDA.

DDA will give an Exception to the Rule to those clients who are not in school all day.  I know Life Skills students and RISE Program students may qualify for additional hours.  If you are under the Community First Choice Waiver for caregiving hours you can request an ETR (Exception to the Rule) by answering these questions by your DDA case manager.  Please call them right away to qualify.

How long does it take now to:

  • administer medication during the school day (is the provider doing it now, is there a need for nurse delegation now)? 
  • mobility/transfers
  • treatments that the school provided and now the parents have to do or take them to the hospital to have them done.  I think this would be a gray area because schools are still supposed to be providing OT, PT ST etc.  It is worth mentioning.
  • toileting
  • eating
  • meal preparation
  • Housework (example, now that the child is home they have to clean up in the bathroom and each meal, the school did this before)
  • Hygiene (wiping face and washing hands after eating)
  • Clothes changes that were done at school, (zipping coat, tying shoes, reminders about face masks etc.)
  • Bus transportation that the school no longer is able to provide.  The school is still supposed to provide this, but worth discussing.
  • Change in behaviors that require additional time that the teacher provided support for.
  • Lack of sleep for parents because children get up throughout the night or not sleep at all.

They ask how much time it takes to do each.  I will tell you to use the worst case scenario for these duties. 

For parents whose children do not get DDA supports, please contact WWVDN and Parent to Parent, as we are working on alternative options for childcare in our community for parents who need a little extra help but do not get DDA services.

Always remember, we are here to serve you and your needs.

Angie Witt (509) 540-9880