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Jesus, My Super-Hero

My name is Brenda, I am married to Jesus and have five children: Yulisa, Jacklyn, Daniel, Yanel and Jesus. I am raising my nephew Cesar too. One day, I found myself struggling with my day to day life and having recently been informed of my son’s diagnosis, I felt alone. Jesus had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy (MD), leaving me in a state of fear, and coping with what was now my reality. You see, I didn’t know other parents with a child with a disability and although I knew other parents, I felt as they wouldn't understand how I felt as a parent.

In Parent to Parent I found a group of people who has helped me learn and accept new challenges my family may face. People who have walked in the same shoes that I am now. People who not only open their mouth to say something nice to me, but their hearts to make me feel hopeful.

Jesus is now three and a half years old, he’s overcome a lot of obstacles we have seen a lot of good and bad. He was recently put on steroids and it has by far been the hardest for me knowing it’s only the beginning. I see him doing so good it’s scary to think about his future. I am thankful that our family is united, we try to stay positive. It has been a difficult few months because Jesus had to be taken off of a study that we really hoped would bring about encouraging results. Overall, I am very thankful for Parent to Parent for always being a good support as well as Mamas Especiales because I know they are always there to help me stay strong for my family and especially strong for my son.

Parent to Parent has paved a path that I may need to take in the near future and I feel confident taking the next steps. Jesus likes to watch the Super Heroes show on tv and he is my personal superhero, when I feel sad or depressed, I look at him and I get up to continue the battles of everyday, his smile has super powers on me.