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Spotlight: Jonah Kralman

Picture of girl with her father

By Michelle Aguilar

Jonah Levi Kralman is a young man with valuable insight and a heart of gold. He sat down with me recently, and, with his parents, Jason and Beth and Grandma Leona, shared his likes, dislikes and dreams.

I asked Jonah what made him smile, and he immediately said, "my parents". His favorite color is brown, and getting his phone taken away as a consequence has a tendency to make him angry. If he could do anything in the world, Jonah would go to Disney World! If there was something Jonah wished everyone knew about him, it would be that he drops 'funny bombs', and has a great sense of humor.

When I asked Jonah what was a challenge for him, he said, "thinking about the future after high school.". Something easy? Shredding papers for his Grandma. He doesn't prefer going to the dentist, or eating spinach, but Jonah loves to 'run around', attending family on errands and just for fun. Jonah and his parents shared a memory of having attended Silverwood's 'Night of the Stars', and the joy it brought to relax, belong, and see other kids with disabilities experience Silverwood. Wisely, Jonah said that if he could change just one thing, it would be 'the world'. He said he'd like people to be nicer. His mom, Beth, clarified, "for people to feel loved and accepted?". Jonah smiled and nodded in affirmation.