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Summer Camp 2021

Picture of girl with her father

by Angie Witt

This year’s camp had 17 attendees with 5 peer mentors and 3 adult helpers. Camp was so much fun with fire fighter day, rocket day, Fort Walla Walla Museum tour, bug day, and race car day. Summer Camp was funded by United Way. I enjoyed each child/young adult and getting to know them better; the kids connected with old friends and made new friends throughout camp. Your kids are so talented and worked together as a team to create structures with Legos and blocks, and made fun creations with paint and paper. I want to say a special Thank You to Lt. Toby Slater from the WWFD, Fort Walla Walla Museum and Carla, our patient tour guide, and to Kati Tureman for the bugs display that she brought. I would also like to thank you, the parents, for dropping your kids off and picking them up each day.