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Congratulations Angie and Ysabel!

Picture of girl with her father

by Cyndy Knight

WWVDN is pleased to announce that Angie Witt will be adding to her role of Parent to Parent Coordinator, and will be serving our community as TRANSITION SPECIALIST! In addition, Ysabel Fuentes has expanded her role of P2P Hispanic Outreach Coordinator and is actively promoting EQUITY AND INCLUSION IN EMPLOYMENT, helping families and employment providers understand the importance of employment for Spanish speakers with disabilities. In these positions, Angie and Ysabel will serve school-aged individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities age 15-21 and help families design a plan for life after school. Funding for these positions is made possible through a contract with the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month which gives us an opportunity to share with others the importance of inclusion - inclusion in school, community and in the workplace. In the mix of government agencies, it is easy to feel overwhelmed as your student enters the transitional years of 15-21. Considering that school occupies approximately 7 hours of a student’s day, what activities and employment will fill those 7 hours after school ends? WWVDN is hoping to fill that gap with a close look at your student’s aptitude, strengths and interests. Every student who leaves school has options. We hope to empower our Network to consider the possibilities and to presume competence.

For options of further education for individuals with disabilities look at these programs:

Looking for employment options and supports?

  1. Apply to DDA (Developmental Disability Administration)
  2. Apply to DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation)

Employment support providers (there are currently 5 in our community) – can be explored by contacting the Walla Walla Unity Team. The Unity Team is comprised of local employment consultants from multiple agencies who specialize in placing people with developmental disabilities into community integrated employment. Contact Cindy Wolski, Developmental Disabilities Program Coordinator,, (509)524-2939

If you have a child in this age range and would love some transition assistance please contact Angie Witt, (509)540- 9880 or for Spanish speakers, Ysabel Fuentes, (509)301-0679.

Join me in congratulating Angie and Ysabel!