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Annual Survey

Thank you for your time. We highly value your opinion.

Child/Adult's disability or special need(s)
Concerns you may have for your child/adult (at school/home/community):
Parent to Parent of Walla Walla provides support trainings and workshops. What workshops would you attend? (Please choose top 3)
What are the barriers to attending events?
Do you travel outside of Walla Walla for doctor/therapy/specialists visits?
Frequency of Travel:
If YES, how often?
What city (cities) do you travel to outside of Walla Walla for doctor and specialist visits?
What types of specialists do you see?
WWVDN offers many social and recreational activities in Walla Walla.
Which of the following activities has your child/adult participated in?
Future activities:
What activities & programs would you like to see in the future for you or your child/adult?
What county do you live in?
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The Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council is an advocateĀ for individuals with disabilities and their families. Local resident Shamra Baez was recently appointed to this council. They are very interested in hearing from people in rural communities. Please consider giving your input to the following question.

What is the greatest challenge you have faced living in this area?
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Additional Comments or Suggestions: