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A year earlier, drastic behavioral changes and memory loss had descended like a dark cloud over their son.
The diagnosis that finally came — early-onset Alzheimer’s disease — was devastating enough.

Since my daughter is the main star of The Magic Pill documentary (in my completely unbiased opinion

As a mother to two little girls with Down syndrome, I need parents of typically developing kids to know something.
I have needs.
And yes, they may be a bit special because I have “children with special needs.”

While it’s a reflex to respond to news of a cancer diagnosis, stroke, illness, injury or any health crisis with an automatic, “I’m so sorry,” patients and caregivers on the receiving end of these words may wish for something less automatic and more hopeful.

Nine-year-old Milan Bonilla-Cruz has autism, but it’s not who he is. It says so right there on the last page of his new children’s book, “Autism & Me.”

UMATILLA, WA – The Bling Wheelman: that’s what some call him, and he’s on a mission to sell t-shirts despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. But there’s something unique about how these t-shirts are made.

As the first registered Capitol Hill lobbyist with Down syndrome, Kayla McKeon speaks with powerful credibility when working to change laws that limit career opportunities for people with disabilities.

When planning to enroll your child in a camp or activity, an important consideration is whether to look for an inclusive setting (children with and without special needs participating together), or find a specialized experience (exclusively for children with special needs).

MINNEAPOLIS — Faced with a challenge, three young engineers dreamed up a $12 solution.

A simple wooden box affixed to 8-year-old Alex Benitez-Alvarez’s walker gave the boy more storage space to carry school supplies — and the independence to perform tasks by himself.

There was a time not too many years ago when Nate wore a superhero costume as often as possible. He adored the adventure and predictability of shows like Batman, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk, and he strove to mimic their heroism and bravery. He created extensive scenarios and exciting battles of good versus evil in our backyard. He saved the city or his sidekick. He built traps and he made plans. His imagination was limitless and his dedication to preventing crime was fierce.