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How to Use the Assistive Toolbar from ReciteMe

We've added the Recite Me web accessibility and language toolbar to our website to make it accessible and inclusive for as many people as possible. To use this toolbar, press the button labeled "Español/Accessibility Tools" in the lower right corner of every webpage.

Explore What Each Button Does

Keyboard Shortcuts

Tab – to move to the next toolbar button.

Shift+Tab – to go backwards

Spacebar – to select a button and to change toggles

ctrl+right – play next element

ctrl+left – Play previous element

ctrl+alt+p – play the current element

ctrl+alt+f – show font menu

ctrl+alt+c – show theme menu

ctrl+r – Enable/Disable ruler

ctrl+d – Enable/Disable dictionary

ctrl+l – Show translation languages

ctrl+x – Enable/Disable text-only mode

ctrl+m – Show page margin settings

ctrl+shift+o – Show/Disable settings menu

ctrl+s – Save settings

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