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Who We Are

2023 Annual Survey Results

Number of Respondents

English Speaking Responses 67
Spanish Speaking Responses 6

1. What county do you live in?

Walla Walla 64
Columbia 5
Umatilla 3
Other 1

2. How do you identify yourself? (choose all that apply)

2 parent household that includes a person with a disability 34
Single parent/caregiver of a person with a disability 16
Professional or service provider 14
Self-advocate, a person with a disability 11
Grandparent caregiver for a person with a disability 4
Extended family of someone with a disability 3
Parent of a person with a disability who lives outside the family home 1

3. In what age category is the individual or individuals with a disability in your family?

0-3 years old 0
4-6 years old 4
7-10 years old 5
11-18 years old 22
19-40 years old 32
over 40 years old 8
no one with a disability 7

4. If school-aged, what school does the student with a disability attend?

Berney Elementary 2
Prospect Point Elementary 1
Homeschool 2
Rogers 1
Davis Elementary 3
Pioneer MS 1
Lincoln HS 3
WaHi 10
College Place HS 1
Weston-McEwen HS 1

5. If you use social media, on which platform(s) would you like to see information from WWVDN, SOAR, or Parent to Parent?

Facebook 59
Instagram 13
Twitter (X) 3
Do not use social media 10

6. How did you hear about WWVDN?

Friend 39
Social Media / Internet 10
School 9
Medical / Doctor 4
Present when it started 4
My job 4
Parent to Parent / WWVDN 3
Don't remember 2
Birth to 3 1
Carla Nibler 1
Family Member 1
Word of mouth 1

7. How are you being supported in your community? (Choose all that apply)

WWVDN / Parent to Parent 50
DDA 37
DVR 15
Aging & Long Term Care 2
Children's Home Society 2
Lillie Rice 2
Church 1
Birth to 3 1
Step Ahead Learning School 1
Valley Residential Services 1
Social Security 1
Palliative Care 1
I have no idea what supports are available for my family. 1

8. Have you been trained to be a volunteer Helping Parent through the Parent to Parent Program?

Yes 18
No 54

9. What is your status with DDA (Developmental Disabilities Administration)?

Eligible for services & receiving paid services 31
Eligible for services, but NOT receiving paid services -- on the "no paid services caseload" 7
Not eligible or denied services 9
Have not applied for services 12

10. How have Parent to Parent or WWVDN programs affected your family's quality of life?

Greatly 39
Moderately 10
Minimally 7
Just starting 2
No affect 2

11. What causes you worry or concern, either now or for the future?

Social Connection 43
Employment 40
Community Inclusion 38
Daily Activities (filling time) 36
Finances 26
Medical Issues 20
School Issues 17
Transportation 17
None of the above 7
Housing (now or in the future when parents cannot provide care) 6
Access to therapy 1
Mental Health 1
Being bullied or hurt when out in the community 1
All of it is a concern, especially after the parent or caregiver passes away 1
Unresponsive and vindictive SSA administration 1

12. Of the programs WWVDN provides, which do you attend? (Choose all that apply)

Social events (e.g. Holiday Gatherings, Picnics, Annual Meeting) 39
Recreation events (e.g. SOAR Program, Challenger Baseball & Basketball) 37
Support Meetings (e.g. Mamas Especiales, Autism & Behavior Support, P2P Caregiver) 23
Trainings or Workshops (e.g. Transition Workshops, IEP Workshop, Helping Parent Training) 20
None of the above 12
Ability Walk & Roll 1
Volunteer at events 1

13. What is the diagnosis of the person(s) in your family with a disability? (Choose all that apply)

Autism 34
Intellectual Disability 22
Learning Disability 20
Down syndrome 13
Rare Chromosomal Disorder 7
Seizure Disorder 7
Blind / Vision Impairment 6
Deaf or Hard of Hearing 4
Cerebral Palsy 2
ADHD / Developmental Disability 1
Traumatic Brain Injury 1
Tourette Syndrome 1
Muscle Atrophy 1
Dyspraxia (Speech Disorder) 1
Chiari Malformation 1
Cervical Dystonia 1
Mental Health / Behavior 1
Heart Condition 1

14. What would you like to see offered that we are currently not offering?

Parent/Caregiver gatherings during SOAR events so parents can meet while our kids/adults are at SOAR events.
More info on applying for SSI/How to help our children with autism rigidness/ocds
Doing a great job
Maybe easy cooking, simple sewing, (for maybe 10 up) money management, budgeting
Maybe more activities for older active kids?
Please keep offering what you're offering
More young kids activities. The program really is lacking for young kids
Longer softball season!
sex education, how to cope with internet relationships, avoid being taken advantage of online and cyberbullying etc.
n/a just want a spot to give kudos to you all for having bilingual programs, newsletter, email, survey...way to go
Nothing at this time.
Game Club for kids younger than the SOAR group where they can play board games and socialize.
more info for families about how to transition your child out of the house into their own living environment, ( how to move out with support as you grow) ALSO why are more persons with disability not REGISTERED VOTERS, they have the same rights as everyone else
Outdoor social event (because, covid!)
Continue with social/recreational opportunities.
Can't think of anything
Diferentes materiales para tratar con los niños con autismo. (Different materials to deal with children with autism.)
Más días de actividades con los adultos y clases de comunicación, como lenguaje en señas para los padres y sus hijos que no son verbales. (More days of adult activities and communication classes, such as sign language for parents and their non-verbal children.)
Life skills
Nothing there are so many great programs.
Mas programas para niños con autismo (More programs for children with autism)
More employment strategies.
Self-advocacy skills for young adults - asking for help, saying no to others, identifying and sharing what is bothering them, etc.
Nothing - been part of Parent to Parent for years - it has been very helpful - Thank you
More nature activities. Ski Bluewood would be amazing!
as a representative payee, I feel our local SSA office has provided no information about how to avoid ensnarement in the many SSI traps set. They are understaffed and unresponsive. I'm told to fax or mail stuff in as if it were the dark ages. I'd like to make certain all wwvdn rep payees know about how ABLE accounts make swiss cheese of the usual resource limitations.
I would like to have more activities involving adult tricycles. My daughter really enjoyed riding the tricycle. Also, I want to take the opportunity to thank Tash Foxe and Isabel Fuentes for all their help and hard work. Tash has been an amazing director. I appreciate all the activities and events that she has planned for then kids. I really hope we can keep Tash in our program for a long time.
Más días de actividades, recreacion, y entrenamientos para nuestros hijos. El programa SOAR es maravilloso!! Gracias, gracias gracias.❤️ (More days of activities, recreation, and training for our children. The SOAR program is wonderful!! Thank you thank you thank you.❤️)

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