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The U.S. Department of Education plans to update regulations on schools’ obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, a major federal law that prohibits discrimination against students with disabilities.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard lots of reasons for enrolling with the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)… support and services for you and your family, engaging with your community, and learning new skills to help build the life you want. But did you know there are additional benefits even when you do not want a support service right now?

On Jan. 27 and Feb. 10, 2022, DDA held Show & Share events to get input and direction from the community on seven projects. This summary reflects their input and ideas for our projects. Topics include: Guardianship Laws, Affordable Housing, Healthcare Student Training, I/DD and Behavioral Health, Quality in Residential Settings, Smaller Caseloads Report, and Provider Recruitment.

Meet Elaine Scott and Colleen Brennan, co-owners of Kati Mac Floral Designs, a nonprofit flower shop in West Chester. Their mission is to provide meaningful employment for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

• Point of pride: “We’re really proud of the fact that more than 50% of our employees have special needs,” Colleen Brennan said. “It would be uncommon for someone to walk into our shop and not see one of our employees with special needs working.”

A federal benefits program for blind, disabled and elderly individuals could get a long-overdue update if a proposal in Washington is approved.

Two Ohio senators — Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown and Republican Sen. Rob Portman — have teamed up to introduce a bill to update the Supplemental Security Income program’s rules for how much money beneficiaries can have set aside. SSI was created by Congress in 1972.

One in every 800 live births is a baby with Down syndrome, and families depend on support and care from their obstetric and pediatric providers.

An updated AAP clinical report reflects the rapid advances in knowledge and aims to assist pediatricians in caring for children with Down syndrome and their families from a prenatal diagnosis to early adulthood.

Hallmark’s latest movie promises to break more than hearts this year. It’s taking down barriers, too.

“Color My World With Love," one of the network’s latest projects, will chronicle the romantic story of a woman named Kendall (Lily D. Moore), a skilled painter who has Down syndrome, according to a press release.

Imagine: Robots that help teach social skills to children with autism. Translation software that provides deaf students with a more fluid and interactive experience. Data analysis to determine effective methods to identify those with dyslexia.

These tools, which all incorporate artificial intelligence, aim to find better ways to detect, teach and assist those with learning disabilities. Some are already in classrooms; others are still in the research phase.

With a new campaign, Adidas is calling on marathons to set aside bib number 321 — a figure associated with Down syndrome — for neurodivergent runners and one of the country’s biggest races is already on board.

Cooper Swenson recently spent 30 minutes walking through Target — something his mother, Kate, once thought the 11-year-old might never do.

Shopping trips have long challenged Cooper, who was diagnosed with severe, non-speaking autism just before he turned 4. There's riding in the car. Safely crossing the parking lot. Being patient. Being around loud noises and a lot of other people.