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Speech-language pathology and theatre education students work together in a program for adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities.

A documentary series following the ups and downs of a unique comedy troupe comprised entirely of individuals on the autism spectrum is headed to television.

Families and friends can play an important role helping those with disabilities plan for employment and find a job that is a good fit.

Through inclusive sports and school activities, a youth-based Special Olympics initiative called Unified Schools is proving what friends and families of people with IDD already know: everyone wins when everyone’s included.

HARTFORD, Conn. — Gov. Ned Lamont’s budget proposal would pay for 70 new apartments over two years for people with intellectual disabilities — a bit of relief in a state that has relied heavily on more costly group homes and residential campuses.

A study looking at more than 650,000 kids is further debunking any link between autism and the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

Oregon is denying hundreds of students with disabilities the right to a full school day in violation of federal laws, and state education officials need to ensure that schools can and do provide them the complete and meaningful education to which they are entitled, say the advocates and parents behind a federal class action lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Bangor, Maine resident John Hiatt, who has autism, was elected to the Bangor school committee and to the position of county treasurer last November.

Laughter echoed through the dimly lit room as the teens stretched their backs and, on their hands and knees, wagged their “tails.” They let out high-pitched cat meows and bellowed deep cow moos, mimicking the animals described in a storybook.

Step into the massive greenhouse at Lettuce Work Farms and you’re faced with leafy green plants as far as the eye can see.