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Special education was imperfect before the coronavirus crisis. As districts contend with the fallout from slapdash online classes for kids with disabilities, will the pandemic prompt a reckoning?

Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen introduced legislation earlier this week which would fully fund two federal education mandates that help students with special needs and high poverty schools.

Sia addressed the controversy surrounding her directorial feature debut, “Music,” after the film earned two Golden Globes nominations Tuesday morning, then promptly deleted her Twitter account.

Young adults with autism spectrum disorder boosted their interviewing skills using a virtual reality training program, according to a new University of Michigan study.

More than 82% of American doctors say they believe patients with significant disabilities have a worse quality of life than people who don't have disabilities, according to a new study. Those negative perceptions can have big impacts on the quality of care patients with disabilities receive.

Commercial air travel is taxing enough. For families with children — and adults — with special needs, waiting at the airport terminal presents a multitude of challenges.

A second major entertainment company is pledging to consider actors with disabilities for every one of its film and television projects.

Meet The Improvaneers – an improv group made up entirely of people with Down syndrome.

The vast majority of children with autism have at least one mental health condition too, new research suggests.

Midway through a conversation about her 14-year-old, Claire, Jamie Davis Smith felt the need to change direction for a moment, to highlight the happiness her daughter can experience.