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A new drama coming to ABC this fall, “Stumptown,” will feature a regular character with Down syndrome, played by “Born This Way” star Cole Sibus.

Ruby Ardolf, 14, has her own YouTube channel, featuring familiar aspects of a teen’s daily life and merchandise with messages of kindness and inclusion. But Ruby is not a typical teen vlogger.

There’s been a tidal wave of research pouring in from the likes of Harvard and Johns Hopkins Medicine revealing the quickest and most effective way to ease the symptoms of Autism may be through, what they’re calling, “the 2nd brain”… aka the “Gut.”

The Seahawks will become the latest NFL team to offer a sensory room — billed as a place “to help fans and guests who may be feeling overwhelmed or over stimulated” — during games this season, due in large part to a push from Traci Schneider, the wife of the team’s general manager, John Schneider.

To the parents that just found out their baby will have Down Syndrome. I wanted to tell you your baby is worth celebrating!

Justin Pierce fought long and hard for a seat in this gleaming downtown office building.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The critically acclaimed new movie “The Peanut Butter Falcon” took an unusual path to Hollywood and has made an unlikely star of Zack Gottsagen, an actor who has Down syndrome.

A smartphone app called WayFinder is bridging the gap between the Ohio city’s public transit and the disabled community. The tool allows caregivers to find a route and add instructions and notifications specific to the rider.

Thanks to one mom, a supermarket chain is the first to provide carts in all of its stores designed for children with special needs who are too big to sit in regular carts.

In a theater setting, sign-language interpretation is about more than words. It’s also about delivering the same emotional wallop to deaf audiences as to the hearing.