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Washington State RCW 48.44.200

Did you know?

You can keep your adult child with I/DD on your private healthcare plan after age 26.

Most healthcare plans exclude coverage for dependent children who are older than 26; however, in Washington, dependent children who are 26 and who have a developmental or physical disability can be retained on a private insurance plan per RCW 48.44.200. While people with I/DD typically qualify for Medicaid, some families may choose to include their adult son or daughter on their private healthcare plan for better access to medical services. This law allows parents to do so past age 26.

RCW 48.44.200 - Individual health care service plan contracts-Coverage of dependent child not to terminate because of developmental disability or physical handicap.

"An individual health care service plan contract, delivered or issued for delivery in this state more than one hundred twenty days after August 11, 1969, which provides that coverage of a dependent child shall terminate upon attainment of the limiting age for dependent children specified in the contract shall also provide in substance that attainment of such limiting age shall not operate to terminate the coverage of such child while the child is and continues to be both (1) incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of developmental disability or physical handicap and (2) chiefly dependent upon the subscriber for support and maintenance, provided proof of such incapacity and dependency is furnished to the health care service plan corporation by the subscriber within thirtyone days of the child's attainment of the limiting age and subsequently as may be required by the corporation but not more frequently than annually after the two year period following the child's attainment of the limiting age."

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