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Parent to Parent Stories

Hannah Meets A Hero

by Andy Hanson

We all need heroes, those unique individuals that take on incredible challenges we can only aspire to, but in aspiring to, we get inspired maybe just enough to take on some of our own challenges. And even though each of us is unique, when that hero is someone who looks like us, they seem to share similar burdens. Thus they inspire us to become the best version of ourselves to meet the challenges we face.

Our children with ASD and their fretful parents are no different. But due to our children's unique neurodiversity, there are fewer in the world who look like them, who have walked their path, who have plied against the odds, harnessed their uniqueness and overcame. However, if we look through history we can find that odd few who, despite their challenges and eccentricities, harnessed their uniqueness and raised the world to the betterment of all of us. Henry Cavendish and Einstein, despite their eccentricities, contributed to science powerfully and elevated our understanding of the world, the cosmos, and all that is in it. Susan Boyle stunned us with her voice when she stepped out of her shell. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are thought to be on the autism scale.

Well last November 16th, Hannah got a special call from one of her heroes, famed professor of Animal Husbandry at Colorado State University, Autism advocate and speaker, and hero of all cows, Temple Grandin. Prior to that, Hannah had, on her own, developed an intense interest in animal rights which morphed into an intense interest in cows.

Hannah had just been reading Temple Grandin's biography when my wife got the idea to call Temple at her university office and just see if she would ever call us back and talk to Hannah. Needless to say, we were blown away.

Please enjoy this little clip of a very astonished but delighted Hannah getting a call from her hero and while enjoying it, look to your own heroes and get inspired to overcome whatever is challenging you right now.

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