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Parent to Parent Stories

Megan Gaines

Picture of girl with her father

by Angie Witt

I met Megan Gaines a few years ago and she was a shy quiet young lady. Over the years, I have watched her transform into a strong leader for Special Olympics and at her church. Megan began her journey as an athlete of Special Olympics with Track and Field being her favorite sport that she competes in. I asked Megan what she did to get more confident in her life. First off, when Covid happened Special Olympics went from in-person to zoom with different activities and competitions. With that, the State Special Olympics asked Megan to become a captain for the Walla Walla team. With being a captain, Megan took leadership trainings and will be training to be a Special Olympics Ambassador in November. A Special Olympics Ambassador represents the State of Washington and will be presenting at the opening ceremony at the State Bowling Tournament. She loves her role in Special Olympics as it helps her meet athletes around the state.

Megan works at Rite-Aid part time as a cashier, stocker and organization of the shelves. She has been with Rite Aid for 4 months and gets minimal assistance from her job coach, Alicia Walker of Noble Hunt. She has been working with Alicia for approximately 8 months now. Megan enjoys her job and finds her coworkers nice and helpful. Megan’s latest endeavor is taking a leadership class called Impact which is a 6-month discipleship training. She is also involved with serving at her church by greeting those who come in the doors. Megan’s future goals are to get a driver’s license and move out on her own or with roommates.

The sky’s the limit for you Megan. You have come along way and can conquer the world!

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